Truffle Hunting

This is the most exciting of experiences for truffle enthusiasts. A hunter accompanied by his dog will lead you into the woods to seek out the precious underground tuber, guided only by the dog’s sense of smell and the intuition resulting from years of experience.

The hunt will be preceded by a meeting with an expert, who will provide all the information essential to understanding how, where and why truffles grow.

A unique experience that it is worth to remember and to tell. A place where you can share the knowledge of local history and traditions, and of the typical products offered by the region.

The Tuber magnatum is to be found also being the ideal conditions for the growth of the symbiont trees themselves which are principally the different oak varieties, the black and the white poplar , the wicker, the white and the large willow, the linden, the black hornbeam and the hazelnut and at the bottom of valleys and on hillside areas which are not too dry.

Prolonged summer droughts are harmful to the growth of the T.magnatum and its symbionts,while, like all fungi, summer rains tends to promote their grow.