Going around

Alba and Langhe Hills. Guided tour discovering the town of Alba, the Capital of Langhe Hills. Going along the Roman streets of ancient “Alba Pompeia”, among medieval palaces and towers, you’ll discover elegant squares and impressive churches.

A tour in the historical town of Asti, in order to discover its medieval heart made up of impressive towers, symbols of an ancient noble class, suggestive churches, as the Cathedral, a beautiful example of the Piedmontese gothic style, and the Collegiate Church of Saint Secondo, which preserves in the crypt the holy bones of the Patron.

You will also able to see refined Baroque and Liberty palaces. While walking, curiosities and legends connected with the name of Asti will live again; first of all the tradition of Palio Race, the oldest in Italy, the source of pride for all citizens.

The name Turin brings to mind the splendour of the House of Savoy, Italian Unification, majestic churches and baroque palazzos, famous museums, the car industry, and sport.

The Alpine capital is there to be discovered; its roads, squares, wide tree-lined avenues, the Royal Palace, Valentino Castle, the Egyptian and Cinema Museums, historical cafés, pastry shops and restaurants specialising in Piedmont cooking.

The House of Savoy royal residences (Rivoli, Venaria Reale, Moncalieri, Stupinigi, declared part of the “World Heritage” by UNESCO) is being returned to its former splendour under the rule of the Court of the King of Sardinia and will be a leading attraction during the 150th anniversary celebrations of Italian Unification, proclaimed in Turin in 1861.