Gourmet Delight

WePiedmont will introduce you to Italian exquisite culinary rituals. Food is history, tradition and territory.

All the senses will work to deliver you an intense delightful experience.

Starred chef will prepare delicious recipes for your reception, one that your guests will not miss!

Elegant table set up with white linen, important crystal goblets and plain white porcelain plates and modern silver cutlery.

WePiedmont will leave any decor to a minimum and let all your guests to delight themselves with textures, colours, smells to find the true heart of Piedmont in one simple gesture of eating.

Flowers will have a contemporary and pure look, preferably calla lilies or white orchids in a clear crystal vase.

Food presentation will capture your eyes, the red of wine in the goblets and the whole palette will be in the dish so flowers and decors will be very delicate and minimalist.