Barolo and its secrets

Great Wines

Langhe are an important and rich area of noble wines like: Barolo, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo.

Secrets skilfully passed from the old “vignaioli” to the new generations of wine makers, that work the land and make the wine creating unique Italian masterpieces.

Around the large farmhouses, small villages, perfectly preserved from modernity, its cellars scent of must and oak wood of the barrels.

Everything smells good in the country and in Autumn the white truffle and hazelnut permeates the air.

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Scent of Langhe

Alba, the true heart of Langhe, reveals its charm along the streets that develop in its historic centre, rich of noble palaces, towers and important Churches.

The town is known for its important wines and culinary tradition and it is often synonymous of white truffle. The centre of many confectionary and textile industrial groups that contribute to make “Made in Italy” appreciated worldwide.

Barolo is a wine town in every sense of the word: its intense perfume wafts around every street corner. Nor is Barolo wine like other wines, for it has transformed its town into a kind of sacred place.

Today Barolo castle is home of the Wine Museum. Italy’s most innovative wine museum, as well as one of the world’s most important, opened its gates to the public in September 2010. It is set in the heart of a territory that is famous for its wines, and in the halls and rooms of a castle with a thousand-year history.