WePiedmont is a leading boutique planning and design agency in Piedmont ( Italy ), creating weddings,events and custom celebrations in Langhe - Roero and Monferrato Area.

WePiedmont is the result of passion, harmony, creativity and style, key elements of an innovative agency that loves andworks in this enchanting territory.

I am Gianna Aluffi, I know very well my beautiful land, with my friends Silvia Tosto and Alessandra Bentivoglio who work successfully in Sicily under the name of Wedding Sicily, have built a good teamwork with expert professionals, that will make your wedding and event dreams come true, planning with you every sigle step of your fantastic stay in Italy.

We often suggest an inspection trip so that we can get to know the clients to better understand their needs and tastes.

We usually prefer to deal with all the involved professionals personally ensuring that everything has been done and booked and avoiding useless stress to the couple in corresponding to all different people.

Your Wedding or Event with We Piedmont will be totally stress free!!!

WePiedmont packages vary according to the type of ceremony involved: symbolic, civil or religious; but in any case our presence and our assistance in arranging the event is always included.

Apart from all paperwork and emotional support in organizing your wedding or event, we provide clients with all optional services.

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WePiedmont provides meticolous attention to details

WePiedmont provides meticolous attention to detail helping clients to define their signature style while creating an exceptional experience for every budget, we believe that every events is truly unique in its inspiration.

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  • Sourcing of exclusive locations (churchs, castles, villas, restaurants, typical countryside farmhouses.....).
  • Catering and Reception during the wedding
  • Accommodation and transfer
  • Travel itineraries including choice of restaurants and hotels.

wepiedmont special events piemonte

  • Flowers, music and entertainment.
  • Invitation and prints, “bomboniere”.
  • Hair stylist and make up artist.
  • Wedding rings.

wepiedmont wedding planner piemonte

  • Wedding Video & photography.
  • Wedding Website.
  • Transport (luxury and vintage cars, motorcycles, horses and carriage....).
  • Excursions and guided tours in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato Area